Yes, and the revised 'Thanet Parkway' version.

Facebook. It's easiest.


Let's find out.

I write most often on my phone, then finish on a computer, and print them out.


They naturally rhyme in my head most of the time, so especially when performed, the music in the words comes out. 

Should other people's poetry rhyme? I don't care. Not my poems. I'm more impressed when they do, though.

Its mis-spelt.

Because I don't like selfies.

Usually the one I have just written. I love all of my children equally. 

It all starts with the touch of a keyboard...

I don't read much poetry, but have soft spots for Pam Ayres, Martin Newell, Spike Milligan, and Clive James. 

Look up

61. 62 by the time I get around to updating this.